Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Recent picture of my Granddaughter

This was taken in late November. I'm sure it's a "glamour shot," but in the last five years she has blossomed into a stunning beauty. I hope in a way she never realizes it. I want her to concentrate on keeping her soul beautiful for God. She is a very devout Ukrainian Catholic, and I pray she stays that way all her life.

(By the way, I told her to never stand sideways to a camera. The last thing she, or any young woman, needs, is for guys to be chasing after her body and ignoring the soul within!)

This is one of the last pictures she ever posted on facebook. Shortly after, she quit facebook. I'm sure it's so she can concentrate on her studies; she's in her third year of a very rigorous pre-med curriculum.

Please pray for her!

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