Monday, February 20, 2012


Facebook "aborts" images they don't like, such as this one:

Just today this image was posted, and I commented:
"This won't last long here. FB will 'abort' it, how much you want to bet?"


  1. Life begins at conception. The unique human genome, the individual DNA string which will determine who you are for the remainder of your life is fully formed within seconds after the sperm fertilizes the egg.

    Yes, life begins at conception. Those who say otherwise are wrong. Or lying.

  2. I heard Roger Ebert describe a scene in Speilbergs "Schindlers List". Its a scene where the soldiers run up a staircase bust open a door and begin fireing. What was the point of discussion is the audience only 'heard' and saw the shaddows briefly of the people being murdered.

    That was an artistic way of depicting something too terrible to see.

    I think the fact that people recoil at the images is because they are too terrible to see.

  3. I was googleing "brittish humour" when I stumbled upon your blog. Tnx for your clear ideas. I'm following you.