Saturday, February 11, 2012

Icky bleckh yuk

I just read an essay by Fr. Paul Marx titled "The agony of Paul VI."

Forty-three years after Humanae Vitae was issued, we have seen the fruit of ignoring it.

At the end of the essay Fr. Marx said:

"As a British humorist and convert to the Catholic Church (mostly because of HumanaeVitae) observed, once you say that you may morally siphon off procreation from the marital/sexual act, then you are back to the old paganism when contraception, abortifacients, and abortion for failed contraception were rife, all leading to the dying of nations once abortion entered society. And if sexual activity can be allowed for recreation, said Malcolm Muggeridge, then 'any orifice will do.'"
Indeed, as an ancient wise man said, "God always forgives; men sometimes; nature never."

So we have this, not only public but publicly flaunted.

Reminds me of the Frs. Berrigan's statement: "Some property has no right to exist."

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  1. I just now posted this to facebook:

    I saw the latest issue of City Pages Friday at one of the north side businesses.
    Lead article: "Exploring the erotic underbelly of the Twin Cities fetish scene."
    How can a parent explain to a little kid who asks what the cover picture is all about? --
    a woman in a skin-tight shiny red outfit riding a guy dressed, saddled, and bridled like a horse.
    Reminds me of the Berrigans' statement in the late 60s:
    "Some property has no right to exist."
    As long as this issue of this magazine is on the rack, that business (or any other that shows it) will not see me or my money.