Thursday, September 29, 2011


It seems to me there are a number of interlinked but separate aspects here:

1, the condition;

2, the person;

3, the behavior;

4, the social aspects;

5, the political aspects; and

6, the moral and religious aspects.

I do not intend to discuss any of these right now. I only want to point out as strongly as I can that these are separate aspects.

The only other opinion I'll put out now is that I firmly believe that almost any sexual behavior can be an acquired taste. And since human sexual drive is so strong, and sexual activity is so highly pleasurable, that acquired taste can become an addiction.


  1. I only got two problems with people experiencing same sex attraction:

    1--If you wish to be known as a Catholic, you must abstain. Don't tell me that the Church is wrong about this,if you think you can be sexually active outside of Matrimony, you're wrong, even if you can't marry your same sex preferred partner.

    2--Don't tell me I can't say publicly that I think same sex activity is immoral and incompatible with the faith--you have no right to censure my speech, and the attempt constitutes hate speech against me.