Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wisconsin and me

By George, I have thought of something.

According to the sources on both sides I have read, the one side says there is not enough money and cuts have to be made. The other side says the cuts are too drastic and will hurt people.

My situation (I think exactly analogous) is this:

There are two eat joints here I positively love, and if I could, I'd eat at one of them almost every day. My business would help them, both owners have said or hinted as much.

But right now today my savings account is $0.00, checking ditto, credit card maxed, and debts all over the place not counting the mortgage, plus about $350/mo in unreimbursed medical expenses.

So what's just? To keep the money in my own pocket so I can survive, or risk being in worse financial condition to help out good local businesses I like very much?

What's just? What's fair? What's moral?


  1. Is it true that in fact Wisconsin public schoolteachers make $100K on average? Wouldn't that be more like the rich guy in Scripture (i.e., David) stealing the poor guy's lamb?

  2. I don't know, Anita. All I know for sure is how little I know. Someone said on facebook today that the teachers union(s) agreed to wage cuts but balk at losing collective bargaining rights. I have no way of checking that without a lot of work that I have neither the time, energy, or inclination to do.