Saturday, April 10, 2010

Open Season on Catholics

I just got a notice from a friend about the upcoming exposition of the Shroud. She sent me this link:

Look at the word "condemned." Conjures up horrible visions of black-hooded friars standing by racks and holding thumbscrews? I think the Telegraph means to do exactly that.

What the commission in charge of the exposition actually said (from the same article) was:

"The commission in charge of the shroud said in a statement that 'the sale of special glasses for the three dimensional viewing of details on the shroud' was 'an exclusively commercial initiative' that it did not support or promote in any way.

Of course not. The Shroud commission is there to show the Shroud, perhaps in hope of inspiring devotion to Christ Crucified (and the more of that the better, say I) -- and that's all.

Open season on the Church, folks!

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