Friday, February 8, 2013

In the Dead of Winter

In the dead of winter
midway between the solstice and the equinox
the light of Christmas and the gloom of Lent
remember trees give wood
for crèches, cradles, crosses, crucifixes
(a crucifix was called a “tree”)
Jesus’ Tree took His life and gave us His
On it He died
in a Cradle He was a newborn
The Tree points back to the Cradle
Man owed God a debt
A man had to pay it because Man owed it
God had to pay it because it was owed to God
so God became Man
He was born to die
The upright goes from earth to heaven
The crossbar reaches all space and time
Jesus’ "tree" is the center of all things.

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  1. Old Bob:
    Ran across a comment you made on another blog about Catholic writers. Please visit We are trying to revive the rich Catholic literary tradition. I would love to read your work...
    God Bless