Thursday, August 23, 2012

Public Insult to Obama on Facebook

Lois B


Linda B
Prove it.

Prove what?
I did it merely as a calculated insult.

Marilyn C
No US President would wear a coat like that!!!!

Linda B
Heh, anyone can do anything with Photoshop. Plus, insults don't mean anything. Your vote does. I'm pretty sure I know how you'll vote, but the important thing is the voting, not the insulting. *shrug*

The coat is the academic robe Obama was given with the honorary J.D. degree at Notre Dame in the spring of 2009.
I added the two emblems. One is obvious; the other has the color and sword motif of the flag of Saudi Arabia and the shoulder patch of the US Army Persian Gulf Service Command in WWII.
It was obvious to me by the spring of '09 that Obama is, at the very least, sympathetic to Islam (which I am not because I know my history), and was seeking to concentrate political power.
Finally, the expression on his face and the gesture of his hand made him look to me like he was giving a Hitler salute.
So I did the alterations to show folks what I thought of him and his policies.
Like I said, calculated insult.