Thursday, June 21, 2012

Unintentionally Funny Picture

Raphael was undoubtedly a great artist and painter,
but he didn't know anything about Jews.
That's why I think this painting of his is hilarious.

Hint 1: "Hot ir a gelsht oyf shmuck, iz ir nit a yid."
Hint 2: See Luke 2:21


  1. I just noticed another big mistake: The two boys in the picture are a lot more than six months apart.

  2. I was going to remark on the age difference too.

    I think I see... but the pic is rather small...

    One question: was Saint Anne alive at the time of the birth of Jesus?

    1. I don't know if Mary's mother was alive when Jesus was born. I don't think there's any Scriptural evidence either way. Mary was about fifteen when she was betrothed to Joseph, and it may be that St. Anne was between 30 and 40. There may be ancient traditions....

  3. I am currently reading the "Mystical City of God" written by Blessed Maria of Agreda (in 1600's).

    She was a "Sister Superior" in Agreda, Spain. Very interesting and very detailed.