Monday, November 1, 2010

It's NOT the econony, people!

I have listened to a lot of people say the most important issue this year is the economy. Okay, it's important, but the economy is made by people: going to school, working, and doing business.


there are about 18.3 million schoolkids (18 and under) who are not here;

about 6 million possible college students (ages 19 to 22) not here;

about 31 million part- or full-time workers (16 and over) not here;

about 23.4 million voters not here.

If a baby aborted in 1973 were alive today, she or he would have had 37 birthdays; if the 738,800 aborted were alive, they would have had 27,335,600 birthdays: cards, cakes, parties. Not to mention diapers, baby clothes, school clothes, shoes, food: all the things needed to be made and sold for a living person -- of which the dead have no need.

The economy is faltering and Social Security going broke because we are missing about 50 million people. It's NOT the economy, people!

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