Friday, April 3, 2009

About Women

I just finished reading a really good book titled The Privilege of Being a Woman, by Dr. Alice von Hildebrand, former Professor Emerita of Philosophy at Hunter College of the City University in New York. Her "take" on womanhood is thoroughly Catholic, and of course "from the inside." She has many good things to say, that I think modern young women would do very well to read and practice -- such as demanding Respect (with a capital R) from the men in their lives (and behaving in a way to command it).

Sometime during my freshman year in high school, 1958-59, we had a priest come in to give us guys a mission. I don't remember all he said, not even most. But one thing I remember very well. Not the exact words, but it was something very much like this:
"The chalice at Mass holds the blood of Our Lord. The womb of Mary held His developing body. With every girl you meet, remember that her body is like that chalice, because she can cradle new life within her, just as Mary did. Respect that. Don't. You. Ever. Forget. It!"

That has stuck with me for half a century. It's good solid Catholic thought. Now I don't pretend to have been a perfect guy all my life (the details are nobody's business but mine and God's) but at least back then I got set on the right track by faithful Catholic teachers, and I've never seen any good reason to change my mind.

So I think nuns and moms are really something. That's fulfilled womanhood, if you ask me!

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